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Localization Tips, Part 4: Localization Resources on the Web


This is the fourth and final entry in a multi-part series about localization.

Below is a collection of links to various localization resources out on the web.

Getting Started

Download Unicode Data

Visit the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository

  1. Download “” from the “Data” column
  2. Uncompress and open the “common/main” folder
  3. Open the language or locale file of your choice. There is a huge amount of data including:
    • Names of world languages, scripts and countries
    • Exemplar characters
    • Calendar system, date/time formats, time zone names
    • Number systems and names
    • Currencies

Explore Unicode Data

Locale Explorer - an online interface for viewing much of the data above.

Interactive Collation Tool

Interactive Demo (Danish) - interactive tool that allows arbitrary strings of text to be entered and sorted in various ways.