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Hello! I’m Cliff Meyers, a software engineer and architect. I’m former @capitalone and @cloudbees. I’m proud to say I’ve been a lead on a webapp with 2M+ daily uniques and millions of lines of code. I’ve also been a senior engineer on a team that built development tools used by 20K+ software teams.

Some of my areas of focus include user interface development, RESTful API design, data and domain modeling, automated software testing and build and pipeline automation.

My favorite front-end technologies include TypeScript, Angular, React, Astro and Android. While the rapid evolution of JS web frameworks has been interesting to watch, few of them have yet to actually mature. Maturity is helpful when you work on a large app with a long shelf life.

For back-end development, I am a huge fan of Java and the Spring framework. I’ve worked extensively with Spring Security and am amazed at the clean architecture and the breadth of features available. And I’ve probably built most of my StackOverflow reputation off Hibernate and JPA having worked with them for many years. Node.js gets the job done too, although I consider TypeScript a non-optional dependency.

Many years ago I worked extensively with Adobe Flash and Flex building rich internet applications that ran in Flash Player. I also did a lot of work with ColdFusion early on in my career along with some PHP, Python and Perl.

I live in Richmond, VA and have a pretty cool cat named Geordi. I’m into sci-fi and a huge Star Trek fan, enough to name my cat after the chief engineer on the Enterprise D. I also love building in Minecraft and have a world that’s pushing 100 square miles or roughly ~60,000 acres with scale versions of One World Trade Center aka the Freedom Tower and the Great Pyramid of Giza. I also enjoy cooking, nice restaurants, traveling and cruising, tabletop wargaming, documentaries and football.

If you’d like to see what else I’ve been up to lately, you can check out my code on GitHub. I also lurk on Mastodon ever since Twitter became a total dumpster fire.

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